New Year, New Planner

Happy new year! It is now 2016 and time for a fresh new start. After going back to school in September, I completely fell off the radar because I was having trouble adjusting. So many people have told me that first year is the hardest and things will get running second year but that was not true at all. I’m not sure about the term ahead of me right now but second year first term was by far the most difficult and stressful.

I haven’t blogged since August, but that doesn’t mean I’ve had nothing to blog about. For the past 3 months, I’ve made way more stationery purchases than I should have. The most exciting one would have to be my new planner of choice for 2016! And that is dun dun dun dun drumroll please…

IMG_5116 copy

the Hobonichi Techo!

I’ve always been into everything Japanese and in fact one of my friends from my Japanese language class told me about this planner and how wonderful it is to use. I was immediately sucked in after seeing so many instagrams dedicated to this planner that I just had to get it. I was originally going to wait until 2017 to get it because I had already filled in all my blank insert dates for my Pineider planner. Ultimately, I couldn’t control myself and gave all of my beautiful inserts to me friend and made the order for the Hobonichi Techo.

Mine is the Original Hobonichi Techo in Japanese which is in size A6. The planner uses super thin Tomoe River paper that is surprisingly very bleed-resistant. There are pages for every day of the year which makes it perfect for journaling on top of planning. I will be using mine for school and journaling. You can get an abundance of accessories for it including stencils and covers. I will be posting a haul soon on the accessories I got. There are other sizes and types of planners from Hobonichi Techo as well! A quick google should provide you with a plethora of information.

IMG_5118 copy

And there it is! My planner of choice for 2016! Hopefully it’ll help me keep track of my life because my memory has been getting worse and worse for some reason.

I’m also planning to do some regular posts so I don’t fall behind on blogging. Please look forward to it!


Hobonichi Web Shop

Carreaux Cover


Planner Setup 2015

Hi 🙂


I wanted to show you guys my planner setup for 2015. Above is my planner. I got it in Florence when I was travelling in Italy. I’m not sure of the exact name of the planner but I purchased it in a very nice store called Pineider. They had a variety of products but their main focus was on leather. I chose this grey and yellow open style planner because I loved how the colours complimented each other. This planner was originally 300 euros but it was 85% off and I purchased it for only 45 euros! For such a high quality planner, you can imagine how happy I was to snag it for such a good price. I asked the sales person why it was discounted so much and they said that it was due to low demand since most people nowadays use electronic devices for management and planning. Anyhow, I was super thankful and bought it without a second thought. I’ve seen quite a few people in the Facebook clubs order planners from Pineider’s online store as well. I know they ship worldwide so you can click here to go to their website if you’re interested!

20150521_013108Anyways, here is the inside of my planner when you flip it open. I’m using the dashboard it came with but I put it in a protective sleeve since I don’t have a laminator. There’s only one little pocket in the front which I don’t use and a sleeve where I keep some sticker sheets. I change my planner pens all the time but right now I’m using this light periwinkle coloured Le Pen from Marvy.

20150521_013130After flipping the dashboard I keep my date pages. I prefer undated inserts and I’m not really sure why. I forgot where I found these inserts but I like them very much because of how simple and cute they are. BTW I just used a random monthly page to take a picture if you’re wondering why I’m flipped to the month of November.


Next are my weekly inserts that I purchased from Cocoa Daisy. Again, I’m using undated ones just because. I do like the grid paper for writing on but I’m probably going to find new inserts to use next year. I think these inserts are very nice but I would prefer a simpler insert with no preset colour scheme so that I can decorate it to whatever colours I want. For each week, I like to write out what classes I have, what homework I need to do, and what shows I need to watch. All those names you see with numbers next to them are current Asian dramas that I’m keeping up with. Lets just say I watch a lot of Asian dramas and I sometimes prioritize them before homework (shhhhh!).


Next is my first divided section. In this ‘productivity’ section, I have inserts for the following:

  • To do list
  • To buy list
  • Wishlist
  • Parcels to expect
  • Gift ideas
  • Expenses

As you can see I have a lot of lists. I love lists. Lists are pretty much my life.


The second divided section is what I call my ‘entertainment’ section. I have inserts for the following:

  • Dramalist (can you tell I’m obsessed with dramas yet?)
  • To watch list
  • To read list
  • blog post ideas

Yes, these are all lists again. I get a lot of satisfaction from recording everything I want to do and then checking it off. I’m sure many of you guys will understand (I hope). Also, my memory is quite bad so if I see a trailer for an interesting movie or something I’ll write it down or else I’ll forget it and miss out.


The last section is my school section. I have these course info inserts that I find very useful. During the school year if I need to email the prof or get extra help then I’ll flip to here and find their emails and office hours. Other than these sheets, I also dedicate a single note page to record important stuff from the syllabus.


And that’s pretty much it for my planner! This is my one and only planner so far and I currently don’t feel the need for another one (reason: no money). All the inserts you see other than my monthly and weekly pages are all made by me. They aren’t anything special. Just a couple of simple inserts I made in Microsoft Word. I don’t really decorate excessively because (1) I like to keep my planner simple and (2) I don’t trust my eye for design (this is the real reason, (1) was just a lie). I use my planner basically to keep track of my life because I like to stay organized and on top of things.