3 Short & Simple Study Tips

Hey! I haven’t posted in a while and its mainly because of this all-consuming summer course I’m taking. Exams are coming up for me again and this time I thought I’d share some more studying tips with you guys. I did a exam prep post back in June but the tips I shared there were more general tips and I left out a lot of things relating to the whole studying process. Since high school, I’ve scowered the internet for useful websites/study tips and I’ve built quite an extensive bookmark library so I’m now sharing some of them with you all!


This is a really big thing for me when I study. Whether I listen to music or not during my studies depends how far along I am in my studies, where I am, how much I understand the material, and my ability to focus that day. I know that its different for everyone but if you’re struggling with the material, I suggest not to listen to any music or have any sounds because that will just add to the struggle. I rarely listen songs with singing because I will just start to sing in the middle of reading something. So unless I’m super familiar with a topic or just doing a last-minute skim-over, I’ll usually listen to instrumentals. Below is my favourite study playlist. There are a couple of songs with singing but they are mostly just really nice relaxing instrumentals.

If you don’t like to listen to music but can’t stand absolute silence either, check out Soundrown! They have all sorts of sounds that you can mix together from the classic coffee shop to the sound of a playground. My favourite mix is the sound of fire because it just makes me feel warm, toasty, and ready to study.


I bet this is a huge issue to most people. With the internet at the tip of our fingers, how can we focus on studying? There are even times where we have to use the computer to study and it’s just oh so easy to find yourself suddenly watching Youtube videos. I find that my fingers have developed a natural reflex to just open a new tab and type in “Y” to get to Youtube lol.

Anyhow, usually I can control myself but on the days when I absolutely cannot focus or stay off Facebook, I use a self-control app that blocks a custom list of websites (this one is just for mac but there are a lot of websites that do this as well). The good thing about this app is that once you turn the blocking on for lets say 5 hours, you absolutely cannot terminate it even if you delete the app and everything. It’s perfect for the internet-obsessed!

Study Breaks

Sometimes there’s so much to study that you feel like there’s no time to take breaks but breaks are a must! I feel like a study break takes all the material you’ve just studied, sets it in, and clears your mind for new material. During my breaks (which never go longer than 20 minutes!), I like to watch music videos or just chat a little with my friends to see what they’re up to. I also love to vent out my study frustrations to everyone.

Something that really helps is a website known as The Quiet Place Project. It helps you calm down and clear your mind for 30 seconds with calm music and encouraging words. I highly recommend it and its amazing how 30 minutes of absolute silence can you feel so good and refreshed.

I highly suggest you to search up “tumblr study masterpost” as that’s usually where you’ll find tons of useful resources for studying. IMO, some blogs have much more useful websites and such than articles you’ll find online. Good luck on your studies!


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