My First Pilot Kakuno!

DSC_2291 copy

So I haven’t been in the fountain pen game for long and I really only have two fountain pens, both of which are from Lamy. Since I’m not that artistic and I don’t really write that much by hand other than notes (which I like to use gel-ink pens for), I’m only sticking to the beginner fountain pens with finer tips. After loving my Lamy Safari and my Lamy Joy fountain pens, I’ve decided to try the Pilot Kakuno fountain pen since it seems to get glowing reviews everywhere. The one I ordered is the fine nib in soft blue!

DSC_2292 copy

I ordered my Kakuno from an eBay user named play-japan and I have to say I was super pleased with the service. I received the pen within 10 days from ordering and that is lightning speed shipping here in Canada. Did you know people in South Korea can order something online and receive it in just a few hours? I was so surprised and beyond envious when I learned that.

DSC_2289 copy

I only got the pen yesterday and I ripped it out of the packaging right away without really thinking that I should probably take some pictures for my blog. So the picture you see above was the result of me putting my pen back in the packaging and totally failing since I already put the ink in. I am such a newbie blogger haha.

DSC_2295 copy

I tried copying the Pilot Kakuno logo but I failed terribly as you can see.

I’ve only wrote with it for a little so I can’t really give it a review but so far, everything is fine. I really like how the pen holds in my hands and the fine nib is perfect for me. I’ll check back in a few weeks or months after getting a good use out of the pen and give my opinions on it.


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