Favourite: Uni Shift Pipelock Drafting Pencil

DSC_2269 copy

Isn’t the photo above just beautiful? This mechanical pencil is one of my very favourites and one of the reason being that it is just gorgeous!

The one I have is the 0.5mm black body with smoke accent. I originally had a white body one but it got stolen so I got a new one. Even though this pencil is a bit on the pricey side, it is completely worth it in my opinion if you’re looking for a good pencil that you can use daily.

I’m no artist or design student but I do find myself writing quite a bit and comfort+function is always on the top of my list. The weight of the pencil is focused more on the bottom which makes writing very easy on the hands. I also love love love the metal grip because it adds so much weight to the pencil and just makes it feel more expensive. The shift pipe lock is a plus for me but not really a necessity since I tend to forget to lock it when I’m done using it.

I got my first one from StationeryArt but literally everything and anything good on that website is sold out and it feels like they never come back in stock lol. I got this black one from amazon.

DSC_2267 copy


Review: Uni Propus Window Highlighters

DSC_2260 copy

Today, we have the Uni Propus Window highlighters for review! I got these highlighters sometime ago because I read some great reviews on them. Now that I’ve used them for a good amount of time, I’ve got a pretty good idea of how I feel about them. I got mine for what I would say a decent price on amazon.

DSC_2262 copy DSC_2263 copy

^I really don’t know why I didn’t just take a picture of the whole highlighter lol

First off, I got the soft color double-sided ones. The cute pastel colour scheme is what made me want them in the first place. On one side is a broad 4.0mm tip and on the other side is a 0.6 mm fine tip. This proves to be very useful if you want to highlight slightly smaller than usual writing or if you just want to underline something.

The ink flow is very consistent and there is no bleeding on the paper I use (24lbs). If you’re only using them to highlight textbooks or printed text, there is no problem with smudging and such. They do, however, smudge quite a bit when used on gel ink pens. Personally, I like to highlight my own notes and my go to pens for notes are mostly gel ink ones. As a result, I haven’t been able to use these to highlight my own notes because they actually smudge a lot. I did find that they don’t smudge on the Le Pen from Marvy or any of my ball point pens.

DSC_2265 copy


  • Double sided tip
  • No bleed through
  • Consistent flow
  • Has a little window for you to see where you’re highlighting
  • Super pretty colours


  • Will smudge with certain types of pens

All in all, I really like these highlighters but since they smudge on my notes, I’ll probably have to just save these for other occasions. If you know any highlighters with this type of colour scheme that doesn’t smudge on gel ink, then please suggest them to me! I’m thinking of trying the Zebra Midliners next 🙂

DSC_2261 copy

Exam Prep II: My Studying Routine


This is part two of my exam prep post. Check out part one here! Anyways, this is my official studying routine. It may seem tedious to some but after years of studying, I found that this routine is my favourite since it almost always guarantees me good grades. But just remember, in the end it’s really about finding something that works for yourself!

My Exam Studying Routine

As of now, all my courses have a textbook of some sort and Powerpoint slides that the professor provides. As the course progresses, I will take notes for each chapter of the textbook that is on the syllabus. I will also take notes on the Powerpoint and lectures showed in class. Typically, I have a designated notebook for each course.

Before I start studying for an exam, I like to go through every possible link that the professors tell us to check out and bookmark them into a folder specifically for the course. I then download all the practice exams and answers (if available) into a folder on my laptop that is also specifically for the course so I can access them easily later. I also make flashcards with condensed notes on the learning goals. Now that I have all my study materials with easy reach, the official studying begins.

My main studying method is reading, thinking, and reenacting. For each piece of study material, I read a chunk of text, think about it in my head and then recite it out loud in a way as if I had to teach someone who had no clue about any of the material. I find this really effective because I’m not just reading the text but absorbing it and teaching it, which forces me to really understand it. Speaking out loud really helps as well since you’re hearing the material and using more senses to study. Because I need to talk out loud, I often study at home on the day before my exam.

Now, I know reading is definitely not for everyone since textbook reading can take a long time and its so easy for what you’re reading to just fly over your head, but my routine works well for me because I’m more of a self-learner.

As you will see in my to-do list below, my routine is basically a list. If I’m really feeling rushed I will make a timed schedule that gives me more pressure to study more efficiently.

1. I read the textbook fully and carefully

Reading the textbook is an absolute must for me because this is where I get the most detailed information and builds a strong foundation of knowledge.

2. I read lecture notes or Powerpoint slides that are from in class.

Typically, tests will focus more on the material the professor goes over in class.

3. I go over any videos, animations, or other links that my professor has recommended.

After all that reading, it’s very helpful to watch some videos or do some interactive animations that give you a visual idea of the material.

4. I do practice exams.

It’s effective to do practice questions only after you’ve covered all the material because then you can see what areas you’re lacking in.

5. I go over my own written notes. 

My written notes are from the textbook but are shorter and more condensed. I go over these as an added reinforcement.

6. I go over any sections that I had trouble on.

As I read the material, I like to note words I don’t know or sections that I feel like I forget very easily. This is when I go over all the sections I had trouble with before and get a better understanding.

7. I go over my flashcards.

As the very very last step, I will go over my flashcards just to tie everything together.

As you can see above, I treat studying kind of like a show. There is the beginning which is me reading the material, the middle where I’m doing practice questions, and the end where I wrap up all the loose ends and end off with a bang! Basically, I’m just trying to make studying seem way more fun than it actually is. A girl can try, no?

Exam Prep I: My Studying Tips & Tools


Since I’m currently taking summer courses, I’ve had two midterms in the last month. I’m only taking one course so the load is pretty light but exams still require a great amount of study time. I find that I have a specific routine when it comes to studying that pretty much applies to all the courses I take so I thought I’d share that with you. This time, I’ll be sharing some of my favourite studying tips and tools. Hopefully you can find some new and helpful tips in this post!

Study Space


My desk is often very messy but It definitely does feel better to study in an organized environment. Having a clutter-free desk makes my mind feel clutter-free as well. It also helps that I can find all the materials I need without having to dig through the piles of stuff on my desk. A nice bright atmosphere is also very important. Other than a room light, it’s also very important to have a bright lamp. Sometimes when I study into the night I like to close my room lights and just have my one lamp open. It makes me feel focused somehow that all the light is focused on my desk.


I need need need to have food around me when I study because I use snacks as short study breaks. I like to bring a basket of snacks (ie. cookies, granola bars, fruits) and put them away from my desk so I can get in a little big of stretching in between. Also because my table is quite small 😛

To-do Lists


I always make to-do lists on what chapters I need to read and what not. It’s never good to be wondering what to study next because your mind tends to wander. Having a schedule helps you continue studying for a longer period of time because you can immediately start on the next task after you’ve finished your current one. Staying organized always helps!

Flash Cards & Sticky Notes


These are probably a no brainer but flash cards and sticky notes are a must! I used to never use flash cards because I hated writing more than I needed to but now I pretty much can’t life without them. I like to print out my learning goals for each test, number them, and then make flashcards with notes corresponding to each goal. I make these to highlight the more important material and also as a last-minute easy and fast way to study. As for sticky notes, I use them to write down definitions for vocabulary that I might have missed in my own notes. The notebook I’m using now (from Artbox) has a space on the side where I can write short brief notes. There is where I often put my sticky notes on.

The sticky notes above are neon ones from Daiso and they are my favourite. Since they are slightly translucent, I love using the thin ones to highlight in the textbooks that I want to resell one day. As for the flashcards, I think I got them at my university bookstore but they just have these coloured edges which are great for organizing into chapters/units.

Prior to an exam, I also mark in my notebook which page is what chapter which just makes for easy navigation once you get farther along into the course.



I bought this leather catch-all tray from eBay and I take it with me whenever I go out to study. At home I like to set it up on my desk and put in all my tools for studying like my writing instruments, flashcards, and sticky notes. I think this is really great because you can easily find all the stuff you need in one place.

Hopefully these tips weren’t too run of the mill and actually helped you of some sort!