Introduction + Favourite Pens!

Hi there!

Welcome to my blog, which will mainly be about stationery, planning, and my life in university. I do have a variety of other interests so I guess you could call this a lifestyle blog 🙂

My name is Aly and I’m from Vancouver, Canada. I’m currently studying computer science at UBC and I’m going into my second year this September. My hobbies include reading, watching drama, and trying to get better at painting (it’s taking forever haha). I recently dived into the world of planners and am finding myself becoming more and more obsessed. Aside from stationery posts, you will probably see a lot of posts on planning and maybe some book reviews.

Since I’m such a huge stationery addict, I thought it’d be fun to share some of my favourite pens as a first post. Here goes!

When I was younger all I wanted were pretty looking pens and pencils. Any pen that was pink or had a charm dangling from it had to be instantly mine. As I got older, I realized that quality mattered a little bit more than appearance (just a little!) I started to become interested in stationery and searching for great pens and pencils for my notes since I had to take soooo many notes  for school.

I prefer to take notes by hand because I simply enjoy making nice, neat, and pretty notes. This year I have been investing more money on notebooks with good quality paper because it really irks me when pen ink even shows through the paper let alone bleed through. A pen that I like to use on all types of paper is the MUJI Smooth Writing Gel Ink Pen. I actually just finished one of these pens 2 days ago so it goes to show how much I love it. It writes just like its name—super smooth and rarely shows through on the other side.


Another one of my favourites for note taking would be the Pilot Hi-Tecpoint V5 Rolling Ball Pens. I have them in black, purple, and turquoise. I love using this colour combination to take notes! The ink flow is nice and consistent and I love how you can see how much ink you have left so you know when to stock up.


I typically don’t use ball-point pens because I hate the cracks in the writing that the majority of them give me. However, I came across this pen just a few months ago at a local stationery store and fell in love with it. It’s the Faber Castell Ballpoint Pen N’ice Pen in Lime (one of my favourite colours!). Writing with this pen feels like writing on wax paper all the time. There are a few cracks occasionally but it writes so smooth that I’ve just had to learn to deal with it. This is a good quality Faber Castell pen with a price that isn’t insanely steep so I’d definitely recommend trying this pen out!



And that concludes my first post!

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