Japan Stationery Haul


Okay, so I went to Japan and South Korea right after my final exams and I seriously dropped loads of cash on stationery. Not going to lie, stationery was probably the main thing I wanted to buy while on vacation. Japan is a stationery wonderland after all. Since I bought so much, I thought I’d do a haul! I haven’t used all of the items yet so I can’t say much but I might do a review on some of my favourite products later.

MUJI is seriously a dream. I love very simple and minimalistic things and that’s everything that MUJI embraces with its no-brand policy. Aside from their delicious snacks and stylish household goods, they are also known for their quality but reasonably priced stationery.


From top to bottom: Hexagonal 6-colour Ballpoint Pen, Hexagonal Polycarbonate Gel Ink Ballpoint Pen Needle Type, Erasable Needle Ball Point Pen, Gel Ink Ballpoint Pen Hexagonal, Plastic Eraser Black

So far, I’ve only used the Gel Ink Ballpoint Pen Hexagonal and I really enjoy it. I got it in 0.25mm which is the thinnest pen I’ve got but it allows me to write smaller without smudging on my Hobonichi.


From left to right: Gel-Ink Ballpoint Pen in Sky Blue & Green, Smooth Writing Gel Pen in Gray/Yellow Green/Sky Blue/Black

These are pens that I know and love so I just stocked up on some of my favourite colours and the essential black of course.


Loft was by far my favourite store in Japan because of how stylish and cute everything was. The stationery section was amazing and even managed to overwhelm me, being the big pen freak that I am.


From top to bottom: Zebra Colour Flight in 0.5mm in two different colours, Zebra Airfit LT in 0.5mm, Kokuyo Uno Onde Coloree in 0.5mm


From top to bottom: Zebra Sarasa Push Clip Gel Pen in black/milk blue-green/milk green/blue-green, Zebra Sarasa Rapid Dry Ink

I’m a huge fan of Sarasa gel pens so I stocked up on my favourite colours! The Sarasa pens with rapid dry ink are absolutely amazing because they don’t smudge at all with my highlighters! It’s a shame I didn’t buy refills for them because I can see them becoming my go to note-taking pens.


From top to bottom: Pilot-Hi-Tec-C Maica Gel Pen, Pilot Hi-Tec-C, Zebra Surari, Pilot FriXion highlighter, Raymay Penpass, Black Mono Eraser


The numbered clips are Midori Brass Clips and the tabbed sticky notes are from Film Fusen. The Magnet Markers are by Hightide.

There wasn’t any packaging on the copper and big silver clips so I’m not sure where you could get those, sorry! I’ve been so obsessed with magnetic bookmarks that I’m slowly but surely gathering up a collection. They are just so cute and useful for textbooks and study notes. The Midori Brass clips were on my wish list for the longest time and I finally got them! I think those will be super helpful for indicating chapters in textbooks or notes.


From left to right: Snoopy pencil case, Craig pencil case by Delfonics, pencil case from Artbox

Surprisingly, the pencil case is the only stationery item I bought from South Korea. Since I went to Japan first, I felt like I bought everything already so I really didn’t buy that much in Korea. Nevertheless I still went a bit crazy with pencil pouches. In fact, I actually bought  8 pouches in total on this entire trip, but the other ones were for toiletries and such. Crazy, right?!

Anyways! That concludes my Japan trip stationery haul! I bought a ton so I don’t think I’ll be buying new stationery anytime soon. Let me know if you have questions on any of the products or where I got them specifically. There were so many items that I must have left out some important information. See you in the next post!



Hobonichi Haul

IMG_5124 copy

Hi there! For my first post of 2016 I showed you guys my new Hobonichi Techo planner. I also made a few purchases from the Hobonichi Web Shop. Let’s get into it!

IMG_5128 copy

From left to right: Pilot Kakuno Fine Nip, Uni Jetstream Ink Refills, Pilot Namiki Ink, Staedtler Textsurfer Gel, Tsukineko Momento Dual Markers (Blue)

I bought another Pilot Kakuno because my first one had some leaking problems. Despite that, I still love the pen so I decided to buy another one. I wrote a post on it here, check it out!

And then I just bought some refill ink for my pens. The Staedtler Textsurfer is something I’ve been wanting to try. My friend got me the wax highlighter from Muji last year and I absolutely love it. It’s the only highlighter that doesn’t smudge for me when I go over text written with gel ink pens.

Lastly, I bought these dual markers that I’ve never heard of before. They looked sort of interesting and the weren’t expensive so I just bought them (this is what happens when you are an online shopping addict).

IMG_5129 copy

Sorry for the bad lighting because I always seem to take pictures at night lol. Anyhow, they are quite nice but nothing spectacular. And I have absolutely no idea where I’m going to use them so maybe this specific purchase was a miscalculation on my part.

Next, I got a bunch of planner accessories for my new planner!

IMG_5127 copy

Clockwise from the top: See-Through Dot Stickers, Frixion Stamps, Hobonichi Stencils, Hobonichi Sticky Notes

The see through stickers, stencils and sticky notes are all made by Hobonichi to fit perfectly in the Techo planners.

The stamps are by Frixion and are of course erasable. I bought a meal design, a clover design, and one with the kanji for day off/vacation.

Hope you enjoyed this haul!

IMG_5121 copy

New Year, New Planner

Happy new year! It is now 2016 and time for a fresh new start. After going back to school in September, I completely fell off the radar because I was having trouble adjusting. So many people have told me that first year is the hardest and things will get running second year but that was not true at all. I’m not sure about the term ahead of me right now but second year first term was by far the most difficult and stressful.

I haven’t blogged since August, but that doesn’t mean I’ve had nothing to blog about. For the past 3 months, I’ve made way more stationery purchases than I should have. The most exciting one would have to be my new planner of choice for 2016! And that is dun dun dun dun drumroll please…

IMG_5116 copy

the Hobonichi Techo!

I’ve always been into everything Japanese and in fact one of my friends from my Japanese language class told me about this planner and how wonderful it is to use. I was immediately sucked in after seeing so many instagrams dedicated to this planner that I just had to get it. I was originally going to wait until 2017 to get it because I had already filled in all my blank insert dates for my Pineider planner. Ultimately, I couldn’t control myself and gave all of my beautiful inserts to me friend and made the order for the Hobonichi Techo.

Mine is the Original Hobonichi Techo in Japanese which is in size A6. The planner uses super thin Tomoe River paper that is surprisingly very bleed-resistant. There are pages for every day of the year which makes it perfect for journaling on top of planning. I will be using mine for school and journaling. You can get an abundance of accessories for it including stencils and covers. I will be posting a haul soon on the accessories I got. There are other sizes and types of planners from Hobonichi Techo as well! A quick google should provide you with a plethora of information.

IMG_5118 copy

And there it is! My planner of choice for 2016! Hopefully it’ll help me keep track of my life because my memory has been getting worse and worse for some reason.

I’m also planning to do some regular posts so I don’t fall behind on blogging. Please look forward to it!


Hobonichi Web Shop

Carreaux Cover

New Gel Ink Pens: Pilot Juice, Uni-ball Signo UM-120 & UM-153

Hi! I recently went on a crazy gel ink pen buying spree on JetPens and I thought I’d show you all what I got and what I think about each of the products!

Pilot Juice Pens – Pastel – 6-Colour Set (0.5mm)

I’ve been dying to try Pilot Juice pens for the looooongest time now since I only hear good things about them. Since I already have a ton of gel ink pens, I decided to go for the pastel collection. These pastel pens are great for writing on darker paper kraft paper because they really pop against the background.

DSC_2374 copy copy

They are very pigmented but they definitely won’t show up well on white paper so just keep that in mind before planning to purchase. The purple is probably the only dark-ish pen of the bunch and it’s definitely my favourite. To me, it’s the second best shade of purple (you will see the first in just a second!)

DSC_2379 copy copy

Anyhow, I totally get the hype around these pens. They are consistent and smooth writers with excellent ink quality. They are also very lightweight, comfortable to hold, and have a super convenient clipping mechanism on the pen body. One of my friends told me that she likes to clip her hair with her pen when she can’t find a hairpin around. Hey, you might look a little bit weirdl but at least your hair is out of your face, right?

Uni-ball Signo Angelic UM-120AC Gel Ink Pen – Green & Purple (0.7 mm)

DSC_2373 copy copy

Next up is the Uni Signo! The iconic Uni Signo pens have done it again! I am super impressed with these pens. The colours are vibrant and the tip is very nice and soft. This shade of purple is my favourite out of all the purple pens I have used thus far.

DSC_2381 copy copy

I only bought two pens because their prices were a little bit steeper than most with $2 a pen and no sets available. I also just wanted to try them out so I only purchased my two favourite colours. I can say I will for sure be purchasing the rest of the colours the next time I order from JetPens. The ink is very pigmented and thick, thus it takes a little longer to dry than usual, which is the only flaw of this pen. I also do wish there were finer tips available but I’m an all tip-size type of gal so I’m not complaining.

Uni-ball Signo Broad UM-153 Gel Ink Pen – White Ink

DSC_2377 copy copy

Last but definitely not the least and perhaps even the best is the Uni Signo UM 153 in white ink. I bought this pen because I wanted to do some mix media with watercolour and I heard it was the best white ink pen around. This is possibly the most opaque white gel ink pen I’ve ever tried and it shows up fully opaque even on black paper. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any black paper around to test these pens with, but I did draw some hearts on the back of one of my notebooks for fun lol.

DSC_2383 copy copy

As you can see above, the Uni-ball Signo pens really do go above and beyond compared the Pilot Juice pens in terms of opaqueness on white paper. Of course, it’s a given that the Pilot Juice pens might not have been designed for this purpose.

Maruman Mnemosyne Notebook

DSC_2360 copy

Every since Jetpens introduced cheaper international shipping options, I’ve been making wishlists left and right. I received my second purchase in the mail last week and was most excited about this Maruman Mnemosyne notebook I decided to try out. Something I love equally if not more than pens are notebooks, especially ones with superb paper quality.

DSC_2362 copy

The one I purchased is the Maruman Mnemosyne Imagination Notebook (Graph) in  A4 size. I wanted a notebook to write revision notes and diagrams on and the Maruman is all I every wished for. I dislike using blank paper for diagrams because I’m a horrible slanter when it comes to writing, so graph paper is my best friend. The grid sizes on this notebook is just perfect!

DSC_2365 copy

Above is a revision sheet I made for my math class that just wrapped up. The paper is so smooth that your pen just glides on it like ice. That is probably because it contains 80 gsm paper. Apart from the great paper quality, I really appreciate how the pages are sectioned off as there is space at the top for a title and date.

The only downside to this notebook would be that it’s not ruled double-sided. Whether this is a problem or not really depends on what you are using it for. As a student, I would want to make as many notes as I could in a single notebook and especially for this one because the paper is such good quality that I just don’t want to waste it.

It’s safe to say that I am super impressed with these notebooks and will be purchasing more when I finish this one. (If I had it my way, I would probably buy 3 more immediately but the piggy bank doesn’t allow it)

DSC_2361 copy

3 Short & Simple Study Tips

Hey! I haven’t posted in a while and its mainly because of this all-consuming summer course I’m taking. Exams are coming up for me again and this time I thought I’d share some more studying tips with you guys. I did a exam prep post back in June but the tips I shared there were more general tips and I left out a lot of things relating to the whole studying process. Since high school, I’ve scowered the internet for useful websites/study tips and I’ve built quite an extensive bookmark library so I’m now sharing some of them with you all!


This is a really big thing for me when I study. Whether I listen to music or not during my studies depends how far along I am in my studies, where I am, how much I understand the material, and my ability to focus that day. I know that its different for everyone but if you’re struggling with the material, I suggest not to listen to any music or have any sounds because that will just add to the struggle. I rarely listen songs with singing because I will just start to sing in the middle of reading something. So unless I’m super familiar with a topic or just doing a last-minute skim-over, I’ll usually listen to instrumentals. Below is my favourite study playlist. There are a couple of songs with singing but they are mostly just really nice relaxing instrumentals.

If you don’t like to listen to music but can’t stand absolute silence either, check out Soundrown! They have all sorts of sounds that you can mix together from the classic coffee shop to the sound of a playground. My favourite mix is the sound of fire because it just makes me feel warm, toasty, and ready to study.


I bet this is a huge issue to most people. With the internet at the tip of our fingers, how can we focus on studying? There are even times where we have to use the computer to study and it’s just oh so easy to find yourself suddenly watching Youtube videos. I find that my fingers have developed a natural reflex to just open a new tab and type in “Y” to get to Youtube lol.

Anyhow, usually I can control myself but on the days when I absolutely cannot focus or stay off Facebook, I use a self-control app that blocks a custom list of websites (this one is just for mac but there are a lot of websites that do this as well). The good thing about this app is that once you turn the blocking on for lets say 5 hours, you absolutely cannot terminate it even if you delete the app and everything. It’s perfect for the internet-obsessed!

Study Breaks

Sometimes there’s so much to study that you feel like there’s no time to take breaks but breaks are a must! I feel like a study break takes all the material you’ve just studied, sets it in, and clears your mind for new material. During my breaks (which never go longer than 20 minutes!), I like to watch music videos or just chat a little with my friends to see what they’re up to. I also love to vent out my study frustrations to everyone.

Something that really helps is a website known as The Quiet Place Project. It helps you calm down and clear your mind for 30 seconds with calm music and encouraging words. I highly recommend it and its amazing how 30 minutes of absolute silence can you feel so good and refreshed.

I highly suggest you to search up “tumblr study masterpost” as that’s usually where you’ll find tons of useful resources for studying. IMO, some blogs have much more useful websites and such than articles you’ll find online. Good luck on your studies!

My Pencil Case

DSC_2325 copy

Above is my pencil case that I purchased from Yesstyle a few months ago. It was meant to be a makeup bag but of course I’m using it as a pencil case instead. I normally prefer other colours for my belongings but the print on this bag was just too cute to pass on. Whenever I’m out studying with friends or whatnot, I like to match their faces with what expression I always imagine them in. It’s actually really fun.

This pencil case is both large and sturdy which are pretty much my only requirements for it. It has an extra lining inside which is nice for if I happen to forget to cap my pens or something since it won’t show a stain on the outside. Even though I’m extremely picky and meticulous about this kind of stuff, it has happened once before and I need to feel safe. No exaggeration.

I’m a bit of a hoarder when it comes to my pencil case because I always want to take my whole entire collection with me wherever I go. The stuff I bring each day varies but the stuff you see below are typically what I always bring around with me. I take notes for each course and I like to create a colour scheme for each one of them. This time, I’m using a purple highlighter with a purple pen and then a blue pen for side notes. Regardless of the colours I choose, I always use black pens for the majority of my notes.

DSC_2333 copy

From left to right:

  1. Daiso transparent sticky notes
  2. MUJI black eraser
  3. Daiso oil based permanent marker
  4. PLUS Whiper Mr correction tape
  5. Daiso foldable ruler
  6. Daiso stainless steel ruler
  7. Daiso folding scissors
  8. MUJI Rubber Grip Polycarbonate Ballpoint pen 0.7mm (black)
  9. Marvy Le Pen (purple)
  10. Uni Propus Window Highlighter (soft purple)
  11. Uni Signo UM-151 Gel Ink Pen (black)
  12. Kuretake Zig Cocoiro Letter Pen (light blue pen body, colbalt blue ink)
  13. Uni Shift Pipelock drafting pencil

Whew, and that’s it!

Uni Signo UM-151 Gel Ink Pen

DSC_2303 copyI recently purchased my first Uni Signo UM-151 (aka Uni Signo DX) gel ink pens along with my Pilot Coleto that I wrote about previously. The last time I used these pens was when I was very young and didn’t know the difference between one pen and another other than the colour so I guess you could say this is my first time actually trying a Uni Signo. I purchased these from eBay and I just love how they write. Surprisingly, I actually don’t have a set of coloured gel ink pens yet so these are my one and only so far! I just wanted to show you the colours I got and hopefully I can do a thorough review on them in the future as I use them more and more!

DSC_2323 copy

Super sorry for the terrible handwriting. The pen writes much better than how it looks above. I think its a combination of my shakiness and the paper being thinner and not as white.DSC_2305 copyI absolutely love the photos I took of these pens. They are just so colourful and look so pretty on camera all together!

Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto Multi Pen

DSC_2297 copyGuess what I just got in the mail!! My first ever customizable multi pen! Now I’ve known about these pens only for a few months but they’ve been very popular for quite a while now. I decided to go with the Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto Multi Pen after reading a bunch of reviews and comparisons.

I purchased a special set consisting of one 4 colour pen body and 4 refills on eBay from the seller wubearwenlin. I found that his/her shop had the best prices for the products I wanted so go take a look if you’re interested! Anyhow, I ordered the lime coloured pen body from the macaron collection and the following refills: black, blue-black, green apple, and cherry pink.

DSC_2320 copy Very sorry for the bad lighting! I totally forgot to show what the pen looks like on paper when I was taking all my pictures so I had to take this one at night with my horribly bright desk lamp.

DSC_2300 copySo far I find the writing really nice. The refills were a little bit scratchy right off the bat but they are now nice and smooth. As for the pen barrel, the quality of the springs are a little bit lacking in my book because of how loose they are. It’s not a big deal but it just feels like I could break this pen if I’m not extra careful with it. I definitely want to purchase a Me or Lumiobarrel in the future for better quality but I’ll have to see how my trip with my first multi pen goes first!

My First Pilot Kakuno!

DSC_2291 copy

So I haven’t been in the fountain pen game for long and I really only have two fountain pens, both of which are from Lamy. Since I’m not that artistic and I don’t really write that much by hand other than notes (which I like to use gel-ink pens for), I’m only sticking to the beginner fountain pens with finer tips. After loving my Lamy Safari and my Lamy Joy fountain pens, I’ve decided to try the Pilot Kakuno fountain pen since it seems to get glowing reviews everywhere. The one I ordered is the fine nib in soft blue!

DSC_2292 copy

I ordered my Kakuno from an eBay user named play-japan and I have to say I was super pleased with the service. I received the pen within 10 days from ordering and that is lightning speed shipping here in Canada. Did you know people in South Korea can order something online and receive it in just a few hours? I was so surprised and beyond envious when I learned that.

DSC_2289 copy

I only got the pen yesterday and I ripped it out of the packaging right away without really thinking that I should probably take some pictures for my blog. So the picture you see above was the result of me putting my pen back in the packaging and totally failing since I already put the ink in. I am such a newbie blogger haha.

DSC_2295 copy

I tried copying the Pilot Kakuno logo but I failed terribly as you can see.

I’ve only wrote with it for a little so I can’t really give it a review but so far, everything is fine. I really like how the pen holds in my hands and the fine nib is perfect for me. I’ll check back in a few weeks or months after getting a good use out of the pen and give my opinions on it.